Best Adsense Approval Tricks To Approved Blog in 24 Hours

When You Start a New Blog to Earn Money with Google Adsense, then Adsense Approval is must be Okay, otherwise, you will not make money with your blog. These Adsense approval tricks will be worked and helped you to the approval of Google Adsense Account without any hesitation.

This is good news that Approval of Adsense Account also gets in one Minute by Mostly Peoples.

In this Digital Era, this is possible that you can make money online with Your Newly Established Blog.

Top Adsense Approval Tricks

Before Send your Blog to Google Adsense for approval, you must full fill criteria. In this article, I will tell you how you can approve your WordPress Blog with Adsense Monetization to Make Money.

Create Quality Contents

  • First Point is Contents of your Blog Because Contents is King. Your Contents must be unique and If you copied your Blog Post Contents from other Blog, then google Will not consider for Google Adsense Monetization. Google Can penalize your website and never indexed you regularly post copied contents in your blog.
  • If you Post Contents is Minimum of 300 Words and also Unique then there is a Bright Chance of Approval.
  • You should publish a minimum of 25 posts with unique content and also indexed in Google Search Console.

You Can Check How to Write The Perfect Blog Post to improved your Chances of Adsense approval.

Important Pages

Before Applying Google Adsense you should have created these Important pages. These pages tell Google Search Engine about your Blog topics and Some Useful Information. This is the Best Tricks for the approval of a Google Adsense Account. Pages Name are About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions and Disclaimer.

SSL Certificate

It is essential that your blog must have a valid SSL Certificate. Mostly Hosting Companies provide Free SSL Certificate. You can contact your Hosting Provider company to check your site for an SSL certificate. This Certificate also helpful for your Blog Approval for Adsense Account.

Page Speed

Page Speed of your Blog also plays the Main Role in Adsense Approval. Google hates Slow Websites so They don’t get the approval of Adsense. Slow Website gets a huge bounce rate and stops google from approval. So you should Install Cache Plugins Like WP Rocket, WP-Optimize on Your Blog to speed up your WordPress page speed.

You Can check your Blog Page Speed Via Google Page Speed Tools.

Mobile Responsive Designs

When you start your Blog, your users use a different platform to reach out there. They Use Laptop Desktop, Android Apps, Different Internet Browsers. So your Blog Designs must Mobile Responsive Also. Most peoples used Mobiles to check out any information on the Internet. if your blog themes are responsive then there is a big chance of approval.

Domain Age

Domain Age also impacts on Google Adsense Approval. This is Another Best Tricks. Peoples are crazy to make money online Via Blog. They Created a Blog on Day One and apply for Adsense Approval Tricks 2020 on Very Next Day for approval. They don’t know about Times give you Money A lot. According to Google, your Blog age must be 6 Months Old. Website contents published on Daily Basis.

Best Adsense Approval Tricks To Approved Blog in 24 Hours

Check If Your Blog is not Blocked by Google

Must be Sure that your Blog Is not Blocky by Google. Because When you submit your Blog for Approval, Google Adsense check your State from Search Engine and take the Decision of approval. Procedure to Check your Site Type and press Enter. Google Search Engine will show all data of your Blog submitted by you. If they don’t show it means that your Blog has been blocked by Google Search Engine.

Applying Using Blog Domain Root

This is another Best tricks for AdSense approval. When you submit your Blog should be like, not Because Google checks your main URL for Adsense approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Adsense Approval Fast in 2024?

These are 10 Tips to Get Adsense Approval Fast in 2024.
1. Clear Website Navigation
2. Checking Website Age Requirement
3. Facts about Google Adsense
4. Content Is King
5. Create Privacy Policy Page
6. Create About Us Page
7. Create Contact Us Page
8. Applicant Age must be 18 years
9. Remove Low Value content
10. Before Applying, Check Eligibility Online For Google Adsense Approval

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