10 Best Websites Where You Can Watch Videos and Earn Money

Yes, You Can Earn Money After Watching Videos Online. Everyone Today Spend Huge Times on the Internet to Watch Videos on Different Video Sharing Websites. But if think that you can money With enjoying Watching Your Favourite Videos. Are you using Android Mobile and watching videos on a daily or Hourly Basis. then you can Watch Videos and Earn Money online. Read This Article and chances to fill your pocket with money.


I think This is One of Best Website on the Internet Where you can Make Money by watch Videos. I Find this Website last year and making Money from It. First of All, you can sign-up on Ysense and Start Earning. After Complete Sign-Up, you can find Various Ways Offers by Ysense Blog to Make Money Online. They Offer Like, Fill Survey Online, CA shout, Affiliated Program, etc. You can receive your payment through PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer Card.

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Most of the Times, Netflix Open Posts Called Triggers. It is Lucrative Jobs Where Taggers Watch Lot of Movies online and Associate with Different Tags. These Specific Tags can Helps Netflix target Relevant Watchers.

With this Netflix job, you can earn a lot of Money Every Year. But Selection for this Job is Very Tough due To High Competitions.  Also important these jobs are not Opened Every Time. Netflix Hires Only 30 Peoples Every year for this task.


Swagbucks is also known to Watch Videos and Earn Money Online. Also, you can install Swagbucks Apps on Your Mobiles and starts to make money online by watching videos. This website helps to fill your pocket with Money after Answering Surveys Online, Watching Videos, Watch Ads, etc. If you are love playing games online, then this is another big opportunity to make money by playing games.

Every time when you complete a task, you can earn Swagbucks or SB. One Swag back is equal to One Cent. Its Means that when you reached 100 Swagbucks, you will earn 1$.

You will cash out your Payment threshold reached up to 3$.


Like Other Websites, Inbox-Dollars also paid to you by watching Videos. Inbox Short Task will help you to earn more money online. After Complete your Works, you can earn vouchers and Scratch Cards Also. You can make More than 100$ A Year.

Perk Tv

This is Another Plateform you can earn money by completing Some simple Tasks. Here You Can Watch Videos, Play Online Games & Online Search to Make Money, Gift Card, and Points. This platform is suitable for Side Income.


SlideJoy is An Mobile App for Android users. It Utilized your Mobile Lock Screen & show you Video Ads, To Watch the whole ads you can Unlock your Mobile Phones.

After Watch Videos, you can earn Carats Online. 1000 Carats is Equal to 1$. You can watch more Videos Ads and Make more Money Afte Every 15 Days Via PayPal Account.

You Can Download SlideJoy App from Google Play. Store.

App Trailers

This is Another Best Mobile Earning Apps that paid When you Watch Videos Through This App. You can utilize your free time with App-Trailers To Watch Videos. The payment method for The App is a PayPal Account.

You Will earn Points after watch videos of 30 Seconds or 1 & 2 Minutes provides by The App. Then you earn Points. 1 Cent is Equal to 10 Points. Once you complete 1000 points, You Earning will be One US Dollar.

Now, you can change your Points into Dollars and received them From your PayPal Account.

Cash Pirate

This is an All-in-one Money Making App that gives you money to Watch Videos online. They give you different Tasks like Filling Surveys, Watching Videos, Downloading Games, and Product Reviews.

After Completed Tasks on Cash Pirate, they give you 200-300 Queens Per Day. once your Queens reached up to 2500, you can convert it into a 2.50$ Card Via Paypal. You can Earn 2.5$ Per week.

Download Cash Pirate App from Google Play Store.

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