How Blogging Make Money For US

Can Blogging make money with their Blog, Is this True or false.  WordPress is Best Place to Start a New Blog and Make Money. You Can Use WordPress as Make Money Online Platform for your Newly Established Blog. Blogging is the Best Option for Make Money Online. Blogging Make Money Ideas is perfect when you do the Right Job.

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I started Blogging from 2010 from This Website. Now I am making money from some other Different Topics Websites.

How Blogging Make Money For US

I will tell you in this Article Briefly about Bloggers make money with Blogging.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. You can make money with Google Adsense Publishers Program. This always first Choice of Every Blogger to monetize their Blog Contents.

What Will you Need to Make Money From Your Blog

If you want to start a blog for money, then you should focus on It.

  • Start A New Blog

First thing is to start a new Blog. Firstly Buy New domains from Best Domain Provider. Select your Blog Name according to your blog Niche. Blog Niche is the Main Factor to Make 300 to 400 $ US Dollar Per Month from Any Monetization Program.

  • Create Great Contents

Top Bloggers said ”Contents is King” to Get No.1 Rank in Google and Other Search Engine like Yahoo, Yandex.

When You Start a New Blog, One thing comes in your mind that How to Create Great Contents.

Always Write Contents for your Customers, not Search Engine. This will be helped your target Selected a Great Audience. You Should try to write Greate Conents. Never focus on Contents that Converter from Other Language to English.

  • Create Back-links

Backlinks mean link of your Website to Other Websites. Backlinks helped you to Rank Higher in Search Engine. Good Backlink gets more traffic for Your Website or Blog. Do Backlinks still works in The Year 2019.

You can create Free Backlinks. Many Websites offers Free Backlinks Generator to Create Free Backlink.

There are Two Types of Links, Internal Links, and External Links. Internal Links means Website links within Blog Pages and External Links means Your Blog Links to Other Blogs.

  • Share on Social Media Websites

After Published Quality Posts, Share These Posts on Social Media Websites like Facebook Pages, Groups, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Tumbler and Other Websites. Share Blog Posts Links on Social Media Profiles also helped get Ranked Higher in Search Engine.

  • Google Adsense or Other Monetization Program

Google Adsense Needs 6 Months after Start of New Blog. Create Quality Post Contents. Your Posts Should be around 300 to 500 words. Then Submit Your Website to Google Adsense for Reviews. You may need to write about 30 to 50 Quality Posts to Need Google Adsense Approval.

If you want to approve your Blog with yahoo Program, your traffic about 300 Pageviews per day and Mostly from USA, UK and Search Engine. These Terms & Conditions may help you to Yahoo’s approval.

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