What is Top Signs Facebook Addiction

Addiction some time bad and Some times good. Its depends on Terms & Conditions. Signs Facebook Addiction list are here.

Many Peoples can’t live without Facebook. It’s Called Facebook Addiction. In this article, We will Discuss What is a sign of facebook Addiction.

Facebook become parts of life and we can’t live without facebook. This facebook addiction impact on our lives with different styles.

Here are Top 7 Warning and Signs facebook Addiction that you may avoid.

facebook addiction

Spending More Time on Facebook

Red Sign will be shown when your Available on Facebook and busy there. Time Never came Again. So Never this precious Time to Facebook and try to become get Rid of Facebook addiction. If you give 2 or 3 hours daily to your facebook website, then Congratulations you become facebook addiction. signs of facebook addiction.

Over Sharing

Facebook may end our Daily Life Activity with our Family Members, Friends. Peoples who do’s want to share anything with Us. They share it on Facebook Via Facebook Story or Facebook Status Update. signs of facebook addiction.

Everyone wants to share her or his own activity on Facebook walls. No ones’ cant stops it. because it’s called Speech of Freedom. But when you start Over Sharing on Facebook without any hesitation on Daily Basis then maybe this wrong for you.

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24/7 Available on Facebook

This is one of the Serious Symptoms of Facebook Addicted Persons. My Some Friends Life not completed without Facebook. They online 24 hours a Day on Facebook and growing their Facebook friends List.

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Checking your Facebook When Available

One of the Other signs of Facebook Addicted Persons that They Checked Their Facebook Profile every Minutes of Hour. it’s maybe someone posts something on their wall and they should reply. Facebook Addiction may Increase Desired to Add More and More Friends in Your Facebook Friends List.

Work First and Then Facebook

This is another sign of Facebook addiction. Peoples Mostly don’t care about their daily Routine of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and then they increased weight and call on Many diseases.

Also, Workers in Many Offices keep their presence online on Facebook. So therefore there interest in Work show low and effect on their Job.

So My Suggestion for those peoples is that Please Work First, eat First.