Best WordPress Theme Detector Websites list

Ever You Use Best WordPress Theme Detector Tools to Check Whether It’s made with WordPress or Not.

Peoples Also Asked in WordPress Community about How to Detect WordPress Themes or Plugins in Any Way.

If you don’t have technical Person so Don’t Worry about it. I will tell you in complete details.

How to Find Best Online WordPress Themes and Plugins Detector Tools

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

  • Find the Login URL

Firstly, you Find the Login URL. Type website/wp-admin/. If this Work, it means that This is a WordPress Website. If this not worked, you will show Error 404.

Most of WordPress Owners hide their Login URL.

  • Check The Source Code

Open your Desired Website on Google Chrome and then Press Cntrl+U and Check Website Source Code. From a Source Code Page, Find ‘wp-content’. If this find, then surely this is WordPress Based Website.

WordPress Themes and Plugins Detector Website List

Online WordPress Themes and Plugins detectors check website with Same Way. Here are the Best Online WordPress Themes and Plugins Website list.

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You can Also Check these Google Chrome and Firefox Extensions to Check WordPress Themes and Plugins.