XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress

If you want to create an XML Sitemap Generator for a WordPress blog and don’t know about it, okay Don’t worry, we will tell you everything about it.

If you are a blog owner then you must know that Many websites use XML Sitemap still and they target Search Engines, not People.

XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress

XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress

What is XML Sitemap and How to Create It for WordPress Blog?

An XML is a File that Contains All your blog contents so that Search Engines Like Google, Bing, and others can find your Website Contents and Index & rank them later. you know that After working with an XML sitemap, your blog traffic increased in weeks because XML knows about your Blog Contents to Search Engines.

List of WordPress XML Plugins

This is an easy method by that you can create an XML sitemap for your WordPress blog. With the help of these WordPress Plugins, you can create an XML Sitemap for your blog.

You can Install and Activate the Plugin from WordPress Directory or your WordPress Blog Dashboard Plugin.

Also, you can create an XML sitemap from the All in SEO WordPress Plugin setting.

If your Yoast SEO Plugin is installed on your Blog, then you are a happy customer because Yoast also Automatically creates your WordPress Site XML Sitemap.


Does WordPress have sitemap XML?

In WordPress 5.5 Version, WordPress introduced XML Sitemap for Users. If you have a greater than 5.5 Versions of WordPress, you can install it on your WordPress Site. You will find the XML sitemap generator for WordPress automatically in the Setting option. WordPress generates a Sitemap File index that contains up to 50,000 Sitemap files.

Do sitemap update Automatically?

Yes, the sitemap is automatically updated when you Update your blog contents. Some sitemaps updated fresh content when you published a new post or updated an old post with fresh content.

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