How to Check Internet Speed on Laptop and PC

Wants to Check Internet Speed on Laptop and PC without Installing Any software, then you are Right Place Read Everything About It. In this article, I will tell you How to check Internet Speed on your Laptop and PC (Personal or Desktop Computers).

There are Numbers of Websites where you can run their software online and check upload and download’s Speed of Your Internet Connection.

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How to Check Test Connection

SpeedTest is the Best Website to Check Your Internet Connection Speed. Before Your check your Internet Speed, your JavaScript Should be On-on your Internet Browser and Also Adobe Flash Installed.

How to Check Internet Speed on Mobile Apps

Yes, You Can Download App from Google Play Store and check your Internet Speed on Your Android or iOS Mobiles. Download Mobile App from This Link.

What is good Speed for Internet Connection

A Good Internet Speed is 25 Mbps for Live Streaming, Online Gaming, Web Browsing, Upload and Download Data from Different Website.

Why Is My Internet Speed is Very Slow

There is much reason behind the slow internet speed. Multiple Internet Users at Once a Time can also reduce your Internet Speed. It also could be Different Problems faced by your Wifi or Modem.

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