How To Delete Facebook Page

Facebook is World No.1 Social Media Platform. Billion of Users Active at same time. In this Article, you will know about how to delete facebook page, Unpublish FB Page, Delete your Facebook Profie.

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How To Delete Facebook Page

If you have A Facebook Page and wants to Know All About How To Delete Facebok Page, follow the instructions below.

These Tricks valid on Same, Community Page or Business Page. The Same process is to use Delete Page On Facebook Website.

  • Login into your Facebook Account.
  • Navigate to your Facebook Page.
  • Now, Select the page you wants to delete or Unpublish.
  • Go to The Setting Menu for the Page.
  • Go to Remove Page Option and Select Edit from it.
  • Select Permanently Delete Option
  • Click Delete Page
  • Now Confirm the page deletion option
  • you are all the done.

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How To Delete Facebook Page on PC

If you are using Computer for Facebook then you delete A Page on Computer.

  • Open Facebook In Web Browser
  • Login Facebook account having Facebook page Admin access which you want to delete.
  • Click on Setting of your Facebook Page.
  • Then Select The Option to Delete Facebook Page.
  • You are all done.

How To Backup Your Facebook Data?

Before Deletion Process, you can backup and download your Facebook data at once. To Backup and Download your FB Data, Visit Privacy Policy Section. Now, Click on your “Information”. On this page, you will see backup option to backup your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Delete A Page on FB?

If you cant Delete A Page on FB, then you do not have Administration Access of The Page. If someone created the page and he/she make you Facebook Page Admin and then contact and ask for unpublished or Delete the page.

How Do I Delete My Business Facebook Page?

Go To Your Facebook Page Setting at the right side of screen. This will take your Facebook Page General Setting. Scroll down and choose the Page remove option. Once you delete the page, there are 14 days to restore your FB page or otherwise your Page of Facebook will delete permanently.

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