How To Earn Money Online in Pakistan

There are many ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan. If you are a Student or Want to make money earn online work from Home, you can use many ways. Most Peoples in Pakistan wants some money with doing some suitable Job after work at home.

How To Earn Money Online in Pakistan

how to earn money online in Pakistan For Students

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List Wise Detail about Learning Money Tips for Students and Household Girls and Women’s.

Earn Money Online with Selling Products Online

You cant start Affiliate Marketing and selling product on Different Social Media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and much more. You Can Choose One Product and Start Selling. Promote your Product Via WordPress Blog,  Facebook Page, Instagram, and Facebook Stories. You can also increase sales if you have a budget to spend on Advertisements on FB and Google Ads.

Earn with Online App

This work can be started without any investment. There are Multiple App, which help you to make money online if you are Student, House Wife, or Employee in Any Firm.

Here is App List where you can register yourself and earn money online.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Daraz Games
  • PomPAK – Learn to Earn
  • Google Survey Forms

Start Blogging 

If you are a little bit know about Blogging, then you start your Career in Blogging. You Can Start a Free and Paid Blog. With Free Blog, you Can create a Free Blog with or, Hubpages, Medium, and other alternative websites. Create your Blog on them, start writing and Publishing articles on them recieved Money when they approved your Article.

You Can buy Domain and Hosting from any company like Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostinger and create your WordPress Blog on it. They offer multiple plans according to your needs but My Suggestion is that you can choose Shared Hosting Plan from hosting packages because your website will be new and there is no more high traffic will come to your website. So When you Start Receiving High-Quality Traffic, you can upgrade your Hosting Package when you need it.

Make a YouTube Channel

Another great way to make money online is to Make a YouTube Channel. After starting, your first target is 4000 Hours of Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers. When you Achieved this Target, YouTube will email you about Monetization your YouTube Video.

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