What is Domain Name & How Domains Works – Beginners Guide

Mostly Peoples asking questions about domain name on Social Media that What is Domain Name and How Domain Names Works. Beginner mostly knows that if you want to start an online business, you should need a domain and host for this.

But Newly WordPress or other Platform Users confused about Domain name, hosting, or domains.

In this post, I will all your Answers about Domain Name.

what is domain name and how domain works

A Domain Names is the name of your website address when peoples type this in an Internet browser. After entering this address, peoples can access your website.

The domain names that you choose for your online business must be registered with any domain registration company. In Pakistan Number of Top Domain Provider companies where you can buy your desired domain name.

A Domain Name may be a combination of letters and Numbers like abcd123.com or 345lkj.com.

What are the Prices of .com and .pk domains?

Mostly Price of the domain is 15$ to 25$ Per year. If you want to buy Domain with the dot. pk, it may available for Rs 2500 for 2years. You can buy it from this link.

It also noted that Many WordPress hosting companies will provide your free domain if you buy hosting from their side. Websites like Bluehost, HostGator, and Some other top hosting companies provide these free domain name services. but At the time of renewal, you should pay the annual charges for the domain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Domain-Names

I am working on WordPress sites for the last 10 years and faced hundred of problems and solved them. I join Multiple Facebook Groups and other Social media platforms about WordPress topics. Here Are Some FAQs about Domain names and their Answers.

What is a Sub-Domains?

Sub-Domain is basically called Child Domain of basic Domain. For Example,  abcd.aliabbas.pk is a subdomain of the main site. When you register your new domain with the registrar, you have to permission unlimited sub-domain names under the main domain.

Can I Move My Domains Name To a Different Domains Name?

Yes! you can move it. You point out your domain name to another hosting Server. you can point to the same domains name with the same website.

However, the Search Engine will consider Like As Duplicate Contents and it may down your Search Ranking.

Can I Buy More than one Domain?

Yes, you can buy more than one domain name against your email with any domain provider company.

Here are some article may help you about How to find Free Domain Registration Process in Pakistan Users.

How to Register A Domain Name For Free

How to Register Domain Name in Pakistan in 2021


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